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Hi! I’m Safia

And here’s a little about me

When it comes to my health journey, I am someone who learned the hard way. There was a time when I exercised 3-4 hours a day if not more sometimes, while never caring about my diet. I ate junk food and never ate fruit. I mean NEVER.  And guess what? I was very skinny. I would be tired all the time, but somehow managed to push myself for hours each day. I would run for 30 minutes 2-3 times a day. I would take a step or intense cardio dance class (sometimes both). I would do pilates off youtube and I would follow a workout program that was also mostly cardio. 

One day, and I’m not even sure when that day was. It all stopped. I was no longer working out, running, dancing, or even moving at all. My diet was still mostly junk food and I was used to eating larger quantities. So of course, I gained weight! I was feeling myself run out of breath often and was struggling with energy. I didn’t realize how fast I had gained 30lbs till I actually stepped on the scale. 

So just like any women out there, I set a goal that looked something like this: “lose 30lbs by the end of February”. I wrote out a plan too. I lost a few pounds the first 3 days and then ended up binging and “ruining” my whole diet.

I tried getting back into my fitness and I slowly got back to the hours of cardio again. I lost 10lbs but developed back pain and was more exhausted than ever. I couldn’t keep up and ended up stopping completely.  

I decided to study health and nutrition. At the same time, I began a personal training program to learn and become a trainer. While learning, I was still trying different methods. My fitness had improved and included yoga and strength training, so that was great. 

The diet though! Man was I still a mess. Here are just a few things I tried:


I ate nothing but fruit for a month


I water fasted until I got dizzy and fell on day 5


I ate 500-800 calories a day


I ate 1200 calories and tried burning off as much as I could


I tried low carb


I tried high carb


I ate nothing but dates and water for 10 days


I tried high protein


I cut different food groups


I tried tons of programs that included both fitness and diet


And much more

,,I didn’t like all the talk about balance. All the experts that were all about a balanced lifestyle were just annoying to me. I wanted fast results. So each month for me was a different crash diet basically. I thought I could discover some magical shortcut that others were unaware of.  Well I made many discoveries along the way. 

Much of my work and studies revolved around helping people heal from emotional and mental challenges. I thrived off helping anyone that I could. Connecting with others was a strength of mine from a young age. I was well known in the community and many people would reach out to simply talk to me or seek advice. I put a lot of work and time into growing and learning in this specific area.

 It took me a while, but I finally made the proper connection between physical/physiological health and mental health. The key was in mindset and behavior. And not the kind of mindset that tells you, “ If you want it bad enough, you’ll do it” or “Push harder” or “If you aren’t achieving it, you are lacking discipline”. None of that stuff. That was the mindset I had before I began taking the right approach. 

When I took a behavioral approach and changed my mindset, the “magic” began to happen. I spent time learning, I finished my masters and got my Ph.D as well. I dedicated a lot of energy to really figuring it all out. I became more and more passionate about helping others when I realized how much misinformation was out there and how much struggle could be prevented had someone just gotten the right guidance. I even worked as a health coach with top trainers and professionals which allowed me to learn not just what works, but where many trainers and coaches “mess up”. 

Not every program works, and even if you lose a few pounds, it doesn’t mean your health is okay. Healing is so much more than what can be seen. The importance of how you feel, how you think, and how you act surpasses other factors. 

With my personal experience as well as all the information I have learned from other doctors and professionals, led me to this point. I have finally decided to put together the most effective program where I could truly help women heal and transform their lives.